Its was a Saturday night bout with local fighter from East Lansing, Rashad Evans. He fought Phil Davis for 5 lasting rounds, and got the W by decision .  After the bout, a never experienced mediterranian cuisin / pub was in order....and my friend Brad had just the right location. He said they had an excellent menu and a few choice select beers.... off to the Oasis!

Grape Leave rolls with Chicken cabbage and Rice

The menu WAS amazing. They had everything...literally. Salads, soups, stews, many different cabbage rolls, Grape leave rolls, and Kabobs. With a large variety of beef, chicken, and rice combinations. All whole foods, fresh, and flavor packed.   Even sweet potato french fries..but ask for them baked!

Cabbage Roll with rice vegetables and beef...was a great choice. 

The grape leave & cabbage rolls were fantastic! They were not oil soaked, fried, or filled with sauces. Just great whole food ingredients wrapped in perfection. Not too mention the customer service was very friendly, the atmosphere was authentic, and the beer selection was excellent!
I Recommend Woody's Oasis any day if your in the mood for Mediterranean with many healthy selects to maintain that six pack, but still enjoy an excellent meal . Check it out! 

I posted the menu below...Read on and see what your taste buds say...happy eating . Feel free to comment or hit the "like" below.


A taste... at Key West

"I was just heading home from a workout, and I needed some post workout aminos and carbohydrates STAT! After a good recommendation by my friend Don, I pulled into Key West of of the lake Lansing road, to again seek out and challenge the On the go-go convenience eatery's looking for the old & the new..."Healthy Hot Spots" to recommend to my clients, family and friends, and after leaving this spot my taste buds, body, and mind were thoroughly satisfied."

Pretty relaxing inside...painted like the tropics...

Some excellent selects across the board....  But I Chose a 
Whole Wheat Calypso Chicken Wrap

One word to describe....BOOM!

Within the Calypso Chicken includes
1 piece diced grilled chicken breast
Romaine lettuce
Bean Sprouts 
Artichoke hearts
Sun dried Tomatoes 
Fresh Salsa for my dressing
1 whole wheat 12 wrap 

I was a happier camper walking out of Key West. For only $6.50 you can have an experience with the Calypso yourself...or any of there other appetizing selects.
I do recommend !

Might you be having a big party with a bunch of health nutz??...or just really, really, hungry? I'd grab the ....
Roll platters or the  party salads

I posted the menu below for your own select "menu surfing"! PeeP IT! 

Until the next stop....Hit the "Like" button on FB and Recommend any spot, you may think, is hot! Eat ON!


Applebee's... ....Extravagance !

Healthy options are popping up in many menus around town..and Applebee's is ontop of the game!  Personally when I go out to eat, I always look for calorie counted options (check out my "Stay healthy & Eating out tab) some places may list there complete menus and nutrition online as well, and Applebee's offers 2 healthier menu options  to look for, listed right on there menu.  

        Weight Watchers  &   
             550 and Under

Sitting down to a 6:00 dinner with my mother, I had some healthy decisions to make.... I always enjoy 1 big salad a day, and there Chicken Caesar salad was calling my name.  Of course, modifications are in order when your eating on a calorie counted diet, if your looking to lose weight, maintain, or even gain,  know how many calories your consuming in any meal...and you will become more aware of portions that are right for you and your for thought:)

Also, I realize that every restaurant is there for one reason...YOU. They cook to please, So I always ask politely if the cook can accommodate my "Prescribed diet". Using this term I have had 100% success with modifying any meal and this will ensure your meal is made your way to your liking, every-time!

Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad 

Romain & Spinach lettuce
2-pieces of Grilled Chicken 
Green Beans
Red pepper
Salt & pepper
Lime juice 
Red wine vinaigrette Mixed into there fresh made Salsa!
I usually bring in a paper and pen, wherever I may frequent, to write any modifications that suit me and my current goals.  Its very easy to pass my list to the server whom can relay it directly to the cook.         Easy as Pie!....MMmmmm Pie..  

      So stop in at your nearest Applebees and choose a healthy select from the Weight Waters or Under 550 calorie counted options and start creating that awareness within every meal time:) Enjoy and please leave your comments for new "heatly hot spots" you find out there !!

The Pita Pit...Rocks!

The Pita pit is a new-found glory . I have been to subway more times than I can count....but as I walked into the Pita - Pit with a couple friends...I was amazed!! Its a great location for a convenient, quick, fresh, and VERY tasty meal.   The toppings they offer are excellent . They offer all of subways fresh toppings plus some great flavor enhanced options like: Pineapple, Corn, Hummus spread (roasted red pepper) Avocado, and even sprouts!  They also offer a variety of sauces for any taste bud out there..Including healthier options like: Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette, Fat Free Italian, Balsamic vinaigrette , and Salsa.  Also offering Jalapino ranch, Teryaki, Sun-dried tomato and pesto, Mango Habenero and Sweet red chili!

The "Freshies" Take your pick!

  I opted for the Chicken with a  whole wheat pita wrap, which was A-mazing!!
 My toppings included: Roasted red pepper hummus, Romaine and spinach lettuce, Grilled chicken, cucumber, mushrooms, onions, banana peppers, Black olives, Tomatoes, Jalapinos, pickles, pineapple, salt & pepper, and mustard for sauce. 

My taste test score from 1-10..... I give Pita Pit a 10! I recommend!  

The only words that came to me were..MMMMmmm....


 Draft House of Dewitt

The Draft House in Dewitt has a great selection that put a smile on my face and offers a calorie count under 450. The Salmon with Wild rice and steamed vegetable medley.  Simply ask if they will accommodate your healthy and fitness goals, and prepare your vegetable steamed(no butter) Salmon (grilled, broiled or pan cooked in water) and Wild rice.  I like to use salsa to add some great taste to this combination a little pepper and a water with lime.  This option makes for a great brunch, lunch, or dinner, while keeping your waistline in check....Enjoy!
Thanks to Mrs. Vicki from B strong for this Amazing Chinese take out option!

  Its the new year and a healthy option for eating take out at your local Chinese restarant is here to save you....and your waistline. Chinese take out usually means your meal consists of about 800-1500 calories, of mostly sugar and fats. Coming from the deep fried: meats, vegetables, rice or egg rolls. Also the saturation of vegetables and rice in there "special sauce blends"    But if you modify your dish, it becomes an extremely healthy option fit for virtually any meal of your day.    

         Before training with a couple clients this morning I had noticed my co-worker Vicki eating a tray of China Gourmet, a long time running Chinese restaurant three doors down from the gym.  To my AMAZEMENT.... it was a medley of  steamed vegetables topped with boiled chicken breast. Including  a side container of white rice and soy sauce. (which kept in a side dish allows moderation with ease) I could not believe my eyes....thus, lead to a blog.  I understand that they will simply steam your veggies if you like, and exclude there saucy saturation process:)  In the end your body is getting high quality vitamins & minerals in the form of  steamed vegetables , rice( a minimally processed whole grain) and a lean protein chicken breast.  Even being on a competition diet, I would stop in  for a lunch or dinner if in a pinch.  

    But flavor is number one in my book so to make this dish your own, creating your own "Secret Sauce" is key to fully enjoying this Chinese choice.  There are many possible toppings including:  
Pico de gallo
Walden Farm Calorie free dressings
Mrs. Dash spices or other seasonings 
Red or White vinegar
Light or low calorie dressing (in moderation)
Vegetable Broth 
  Get creative and think from your taste buds, I personally enjoy mixing salsa in with mustard (1:1 mixing ratio ) which creates a very nice creamy mayonnaise  blended taste. I recommend!  So next time you would like to save yourself from high levels of trans fats, saturated fats, and processed sugar or HFC's try this healthy option, and create a taste to call your own...Hi, yes Ill order the "General MatTso's Chicken"    

If you try this at your local Chinese outlet...let me know your story.. Eat On!
If Looking for a healthy option...and there was no time between your alarm clock and punching in at work, then Subway may be the emergency alternative for y0u. Knowing how and what to make in your own kitchen is vital to a healthy lifestyle, but when in a pinch...... 

After a workout one morning at B strong (formerly Powerhouse Dewitt) The counter clerk Steve Fitch was in need of a breakfast, and sent the right man out for the mission...yours truly.  Steve had first inquired on a breakfast at Tim Hortons, including two of there breakfast sandwiches...Inquisitively, I had asked him about subways breakfast options and personally wanted to put Subways sandwiches to my "Health" test. He had no objection, so off I went....

      Inside I had asked about there breakfast options and it was much better than I had imagined.  I was able to order:  Two sandwiches for 2.75$ each! An amazing deal!

     The first breakfast sandwich consisted of a  6 inch whole wheat sub bun, 1 scrambled egg pattie, 2 pieces of turkey, 2 pieces of american cheese. Topped with green peppers and onions ( I recommend toasted! ) with One line of honey dijon mustard.

    The second sandwich was a Breakfast Wrap consisting of a 6 inch flat-bread, 1 scrambled egg patty, 2 pieces of black forest ham, 2 pieces of american cheese, with the same toppings of toasted onions and green peppers, also with 1 line of honey dijon.  

    1 sandwich would be an ideal breakfast, lunch or even dinner option.  With a calorie count of approximately 350-400 in either option. Its a perfect am start for the mind and body . Toppings and dressings(in moderations) can be interchangeable according to your taste buds (but toasting them is key to a great flavor)

    Next time ....Time has gotten you in a pinch..Opt for the healthier option. The Subway option. And have no fear and all flavor, with no worry of  Trans fats, (hydrogenated oils)  or High fructose corn syrups, while keeping 1 sandwich under 500 calories unlike any competitor (McDonalds...B-king...Taco Bell..could go on)  They use whole grains, fresh veggies, higher quality meats, and real cheese!   Enjoy knowing your body and mind are running on premium fuel..instead of the regular unleaded! Try it out!

    Matt D. Malcangi

    Personal Trainer, Group Instructor, Nutrition Guru, Competitive bodybuilder 

     Healthy Options for today's world