If Looking for a healthy option...and there was no time between your alarm clock and punching in at work, then Subway may be the emergency alternative for y0u. Knowing how and what to make in your own kitchen is vital to a healthy lifestyle, but when in a pinch...... 

After a workout one morning at B strong (formerly Powerhouse Dewitt) The counter clerk Steve Fitch was in need of a breakfast, and sent the right man out for the mission...yours truly.  Steve had first inquired on a breakfast at Tim Hortons, including two of there breakfast sandwiches...Inquisitively, I had asked him about subways breakfast options and personally wanted to put Subways sandwiches to my "Health" test. He had no objection, so off I went....

      Inside I had asked about there breakfast options and it was much better than I had imagined.  I was able to order:  Two sandwiches for 2.75$ each! An amazing deal!

     The first breakfast sandwich consisted of a  6 inch whole wheat sub bun, 1 scrambled egg pattie, 2 pieces of turkey, 2 pieces of american cheese. Topped with green peppers and onions ( I recommend toasted! ) with One line of honey dijon mustard.

    The second sandwich was a Breakfast Wrap consisting of a 6 inch flat-bread, 1 scrambled egg patty, 2 pieces of black forest ham, 2 pieces of american cheese, with the same toppings of toasted onions and green peppers, also with 1 line of honey dijon.  

    1 sandwich would be an ideal breakfast, lunch or even dinner option.  With a calorie count of approximately 350-400 in either option. Its a perfect am start for the mind and body . Toppings and dressings(in moderations) can be interchangeable according to your taste buds (but toasting them is key to a great flavor)

    Next time ....Time has gotten you in a pinch..Opt for the healthier option. The Subway option. And have no fear and all flavor, with no worry of  Trans fats, (hydrogenated oils)  or High fructose corn syrups, while keeping 1 sandwich under 500 calories unlike any competitor (McDonalds...B-king...Taco Bell..could go on)  They use whole grains, fresh veggies, higher quality meats, and real cheese!   Enjoy knowing your body and mind are running on premium fuel..instead of the regular unleaded! Try it out!


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    Matt D. Malcangi

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