A taste... at Key West

"I was just heading home from a workout, and I needed some post workout aminos and carbohydrates STAT! After a good recommendation by my friend Don, I pulled into Key West of of the lake Lansing road, to again seek out and challenge the On the go-go convenience eatery's looking for the old & the new..."Healthy Hot Spots" to recommend to my clients, family and friends, and after leaving this spot my taste buds, body, and mind were thoroughly satisfied."

Pretty relaxing inside...painted like the tropics...

Some excellent selects across the board....  But I Chose a 
Whole Wheat Calypso Chicken Wrap

One word to describe....BOOM!

Within the Calypso Chicken includes
1 piece diced grilled chicken breast
Romaine lettuce
Bean Sprouts 
Artichoke hearts
Sun dried Tomatoes 
Fresh Salsa for my dressing
1 whole wheat 12 wrap 

I was a happier camper walking out of Key West. For only $6.50 you can have an experience with the Calypso yourself...or any of there other appetizing selects.
I do recommend !

Might you be having a big party with a bunch of health nutz??...or just really, really, hungry? I'd grab the ....
Roll platters or the  party salads

I posted the menu below for your own select "menu surfing"! PeeP IT! 

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