Applebee's... ....Extravagance !

Healthy options are popping up in many menus around town..and Applebee's is ontop of the game!  Personally when I go out to eat, I always look for calorie counted options (check out my "Stay healthy & Eating out tab) some places may list there complete menus and nutrition online as well, and Applebee's offers 2 healthier menu options  to look for, listed right on there menu.  

        Weight Watchers  &   
             550 and Under

Sitting down to a 6:00 dinner with my mother, I had some healthy decisions to make.... I always enjoy 1 big salad a day, and there Chicken Caesar salad was calling my name.  Of course, modifications are in order when your eating on a calorie counted diet, if your looking to lose weight, maintain, or even gain,  know how many calories your consuming in any meal...and you will become more aware of portions that are right for you and your for thought:)

Also, I realize that every restaurant is there for one reason...YOU. They cook to please, So I always ask politely if the cook can accommodate my "Prescribed diet". Using this term I have had 100% success with modifying any meal and this will ensure your meal is made your way to your liking, every-time!

Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad 

Romain & Spinach lettuce
2-pieces of Grilled Chicken 
Green Beans
Red pepper
Salt & pepper
Lime juice 
Red wine vinaigrette Mixed into there fresh made Salsa!
I usually bring in a paper and pen, wherever I may frequent, to write any modifications that suit me and my current goals.  Its very easy to pass my list to the server whom can relay it directly to the cook.         Easy as Pie!....MMmmmm Pie..  

      So stop in at your nearest Applebees and choose a healthy select from the Weight Waters or Under 550 calorie counted options and start creating that awareness within every meal time:) Enjoy and please leave your comments for new "heatly hot spots" you find out there !!

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