Its was a Saturday night bout with local fighter from East Lansing, Rashad Evans. He fought Phil Davis for 5 lasting rounds, and got the W by decision .  After the bout, a never experienced mediterranian cuisin / pub was in order....and my friend Brad had just the right location. He said they had an excellent menu and a few choice select beers.... off to the Oasis!

Grape Leave rolls with Chicken cabbage and Rice

The menu WAS amazing. They had everything...literally. Salads, soups, stews, many different cabbage rolls, Grape leave rolls, and Kabobs. With a large variety of beef, chicken, and rice combinations. All whole foods, fresh, and flavor packed.   Even sweet potato french fries..but ask for them baked!

Cabbage Roll with rice vegetables and beef...was a great choice. 

The grape leave & cabbage rolls were fantastic! They were not oil soaked, fried, or filled with sauces. Just great whole food ingredients wrapped in perfection. Not too mention the customer service was very friendly, the atmosphere was authentic, and the beer selection was excellent!
I Recommend Woody's Oasis any day if your in the mood for Mediterranean with many healthy selects to maintain that six pack, but still enjoy an excellent meal . Check it out! 

I posted the menu below...Read on and see what your taste buds say...happy eating . Feel free to comment or hit the "like" below.


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