Thanks to Mrs. Vicki from B strong for this Amazing Chinese take out option!

  Its the new year and a healthy option for eating take out at your local Chinese restarant is here to save you....and your waistline. Chinese take out usually means your meal consists of about 800-1500 calories, of mostly sugar and fats. Coming from the deep fried: meats, vegetables, rice or egg rolls. Also the saturation of vegetables and rice in there "special sauce blends"    But if you modify your dish, it becomes an extremely healthy option fit for virtually any meal of your day.    

         Before training with a couple clients this morning I had noticed my co-worker Vicki eating a tray of China Gourmet, a long time running Chinese restaurant three doors down from the gym.  To my AMAZEMENT.... it was a medley of  steamed vegetables topped with boiled chicken breast. Including  a side container of white rice and soy sauce. (which kept in a side dish allows moderation with ease) I could not believe my eyes....thus, lead to a blog.  I understand that they will simply steam your veggies if you like, and exclude there saucy saturation process:)  In the end your body is getting high quality vitamins & minerals in the form of  steamed vegetables , rice( a minimally processed whole grain) and a lean protein chicken breast.  Even being on a competition diet, I would stop in  for a lunch or dinner if in a pinch.  

    But flavor is number one in my book so to make this dish your own, creating your own "Secret Sauce" is key to fully enjoying this Chinese choice.  There are many possible toppings including:  
Pico de gallo
Walden Farm Calorie free dressings
Mrs. Dash spices or other seasonings 
Red or White vinegar
Light or low calorie dressing (in moderation)
Vegetable Broth 
  Get creative and think from your taste buds, I personally enjoy mixing salsa in with mustard (1:1 mixing ratio ) which creates a very nice creamy mayonnaise  blended taste. I recommend!  So next time you would like to save yourself from high levels of trans fats, saturated fats, and processed sugar or HFC's try this healthy option, and create a taste to call your own...Hi, yes Ill order the "General MatTso's Chicken"    

If you try this at your local Chinese outlet...let me know your story.. Eat On!


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